Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mr. Bush, you heard incorrectly...

peace y'all

...what Kanye said was, "George Bush doesn't care about Black people..." not that ' Bush didn't respond because of race_ because he's a racist,'.

And let us talk about the fact that YOU'RE ALMOST FOUR MONTHS BEHIND THE BALL HERE.

Seems like if someone were to call me something as provoking of indignance as a racist, I'd 1) pay attention 2) respond immediately if it were true and I needed to CMA or 3) respond with such timing as to make my critics look foolish.

If you were aiming for number 3 above, you're a bit behind. I personally think you should've done 1 and 2, but hey, I didn't vote for you; I only have your best interests in mind because I'm a citizen and what you do reflects on me, like it or not. Oh, and I teach 4 blocks from your place of official residence. If you push too many people into being slightly irrational I have a high probability of feeling the effects on my own person. Y'know.

And this brings me to another question- why are you pulling out the race card now?

Could it be that Iraq is going badly enough and you think Katrina far enough behind to want to presto-change-o switch everyone's focus away from the *ahem* 'conflict' in Iraq/Afghanistan?

You almost did it. That 52.whatever% who voted for you might actually turn their heads. Oh, wait. You lost almost half of them when Katrina was actually happening. Hmm. Might want to re-think that strategy, sir. Focus on classism instead of racism, cuz you're going to lose that battle. I personally accept that you're not intending to be racist. Are you seeing that many people see unintentional racism AND CLASSISM in the malfunction of a really important governmental agency? Do that, please.

Mr. Bush, your genuine feelings cannot change the facts at this late date. Not all US citizens are unintelligent. And we're watching. And we're listening. And we're thinking- or just feeling- before we speak. Are you?

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  1. Mr Bush doesn't care about blacks. It should come as no surprise that he also doesn't care what we think of him. Hence, his tardy response to the allegations...