Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dangerous and scary. Dua'a please.


Okay, I'm trying not to get "Dooced" in my last couple days of work here, but I need to get this out.

Some time back I posted on the man who works in the same office with me who was harassing me, asking me out, wouldn't take no for an answer and apparently (from phone calls and his own accounts) had several women on a string. (And wanted to add me to it, pssht. Astaghfirullah.)

This is the man who wasn't released after that incident (I had email to back it up and was frankly mo' den a lil' creeped out), but we were both oriented as to the situation.

Make dua'a please. Last week, this guy walks in and mentions that he "may have broken someone's heart." As I try to stay well clear of him and his issues outside of work, I didn't ask more; he volunteered that he'd had to 'break up' with a certain woman.

This morning I got to work early in order to have some peace, and got to listen to a scary-licious voicemail from last night, meant for this man, from a woman crying, cursing, saying the police would be looking for him, that he'd beat and raped her and that he was the scum of the earth, obscenities, etc.

Now, I don't care what his excuse is. I don't want to have to work in the same office with him anymore. If that voicemail has anything to do with anything that is true, working with that man is a terrifying prospect. Because I already know that he can't take 'no' for an answer personally. And if it isn't true, then I'm wary of working with someone who associates with people who will lie and leave a voicemail like that at a place of employment.

Here's the kicker: the executive director heard of the voicemail from a co-worker, and therefore, instituted a lockdown on that piece of information. I heard the voicemail... but I'm not supposed to have heard it, in order to protect the co-worker.

That's just great. So what do I do when this guy walks into the office that we share?!

If asked directly, I'm not going to lie about it, but if not asked, I'll act as if I don't know anything. *sigh*. Pray for me please. PLEASE. Even without this I've got a lot on my plate in terms of tasks to finish... I need to just get through these last FOUR days inshaAllah.

A surah comes to mind:
"qul audhubirabbinnas..."

updates later inshaAllah.


  1. Hey, that guy sounds really scary. If your employer won't do anything about this scary guy, something you could do is file a charge against him with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commmission. I am just a law student, but it sounds as though you are experiencing sexual harassment, and if your supervisors won't do anything about it you need to go to the EEOC and get their advice before the Statute of Limitations runs out (which basically means that if you don't file a charge in time, there is nothing they can do about it.)Since you are leaving, you may not want to do it yourself, but you can let your co-workers know about this option too. I hope this helps, and Insh'Allah I will pray for you.

  2. This sounds really scary and I agree with Anonimo. In the meantime, I will pray for you girl.