Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Comments on Pew Survey for UmmZ


I know, I know, has been a while, right? I'm alive! And well! And looking for jobs! AlhamdulIllah.

I'm not sure what's going on, but UmmZaid has posted a VERY interesting breakdown of the recent Pew survey on Amurrican muslims. I couldn't leave a comment there, so basically I'm cutting and pasting what I wanted to say, here:

Assalamu Alaikum,

Okay, my first reaction is, "can you send your Excellent mashaAllah breakdown to the Pew people?" *licks 42 cent stamp*

Results aside we need more people willing to find and break these things down. Thank you. I guess I'll have to get into results later but the main thing is that I WOULD HAVE BEEN LEFT OUT of this survey and that stinks. If they KNEW they were leaving out at least 20 percent of the population, how come they didn't take steps to correct that? I'm just sayin'.

Because my name? Will not change. Allah knows my name regardless of what people call me. Hmph.

jazakAllah khair

What do y'all think? Check it out.

ONNNN other notes... masjid. Yeah, it fell through. Of course, at this point I'm not upset, I'll keep trying. Not sure where I'll go, though. While I was working and thus had to go out on Rt. 1 for work with (an expensive) Zipcar anyhow, I was going to Juma'h at ICNA's house-masjid (it's so cuuuute!) next to the Firestone (those of you who've lived in the urrea know that one). But they charge an arm and a leg for classes and are very bad about follow-up. I think I may try Masjid Muhammad next, the one that's up near Howard U. Thing is, I don''t know where exactly it is. I have a good idea- my awesome friends Shabana and Svend took me to dinner over near there once (NEXT ONE IS MY TREAT!!) and I've got a good sense of direction... but do I really want to be wandering over in that area just before juma'h on a Friday, is the question. So let me know if you know.
Meanwhile Ima put my bugging skills to work until the brothers at ADAMS realize I'm serious and just call me to say, "hey, Sis. Twenny, we're working on it and haven't forgotten you" which is really all I'm asking for a this point. That, and I'm making dua'a for another good day job so I can get me a piece'o'car.


So many posts up in my mind. On ambition, on why I LOVE my grocery store job, on the people I've encountered there (funny and sad), on what I want to DO with my life... gee, I sound very twenty-ish, huh? I just thought of another on living 'alone' versus living with shared goals, because that's becoming something very important to me lately. And I'm going to make some design changes around here inshaAllah, because this page is just too gloomy, and as I've learned from using roomie's comp, it doesn't load well on Macs at all.

inshaAllah soon. may you all be blessed in the meantime.



  1. Girl, don't you go to Masjid Muhammad. Not only have I heard very bad things about the mosque; the only Muslims I've met from there have been rather sketchy. Don't do it to yourself. While we're on the subject (don't know if I've said this before), avoid Dar al Hijrah too. It's a shame really, I went there as a child. It used to be very nice. Nowadays, though, it's nothing. Between the lack of true diversity and anything youth related, and the constant terrorism arrests; you're better off never setting foot on the property. It'd break your heart if you remembered it from back in the day.

    It's really unfortunate that it's this hard for someone that's really trying to get involved at the local mosques. The area you live in is very accessible but the mosques are kind of off the beaten path. If you can manage it, I would try renting a car from Enterprise or somewhere. That should be cheaper than Zipcar and you can use it on the weekends.

    You should change your design. Try something light and fun. Change is good.

  2. Salaam sis. Glad you're well. Sorry I can't help you on the masjid thing, as I live a long way from you :)

  3. 1519 Islamic Way 4th St Wash DC. Google maps it.
    No masjid is perfect, but keep a good head on your shoulders, let some decent people watch out for you and you should be fine - my 2c.

    For more masajid, go to and put in wash dc.