Thursday, March 02, 2006

Imette Update


Here's an update. Imette's killer hasn't been found. Yet.

Many many of us are going up to Boston. The wake is tomorrow and the funeral is Saturday morning. My squeaky-new employers wouldn't let me off on Friday (and I reluctantly understand that, since I just began Monday) , so I'll arrive early Saturday.

what's killing me is that I know she is just that independent. Everyone is always all over her and Erica, these beautiful, petite, women, b/c they're so independent. They want to do by themselves. They can handle going places alone. I'm having trouble handling the anger- at the person or people who were so brutally monstrous. And, God forgive me, at Imette, for allllll those times she went alone and nothing happened. Had she just stayed with her friend...

pray without ceasing. I'll be back after Boston.


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  1. Can't change fate. Independent or not. May God bless and love her.