Monday, March 06, 2006



I feel better now.

Boston was a sad reunion of sorts. I saw people I hadn't seen since I went to portareeco: Rudy, Reyna, Carolina, Erica and Andrew, Mike, Eddie, Sandra, Silvana... and staying with Denishea, a friend from my childhood, made having to be there much easier. It made me grateful to have known Imette and everyone else in that unique group that is LFP/OLAS. Sandra gave me a bunch of pics she had brought with Imette in them. We'll keep her spirit alive.

The hurt isn't as raw. After the tears I think we all realize the great privilege we have- we're alive. I'm alive. And I owe it to God and myself to make this the best life. To work hard even at the crappy stuff, and be happy at even the most irrational times. So I'm sighing as I return to the world that doesn't know my grief, but I'm living more fiercely because of that. It's a gift, if a small one, from Imette.

Stuff I'm gonna do this week:
*Acceptance at Columbia U
*Financial Aid
*Get some Professional Work Pants



  1. It's strange how things like these can really teach us important lessons. I'm glad you're doing better, girl.

  2. Salaam alaykum,

    That's a beautiful gift for a friend to have given to you in her tragic passing.

    Thank you for the reminder to live fiercely & well, always.


  3. Salaam,
    I'm sorry about your friend. I'm glad you're trying to turn a negative experience around though.
    God Bless!

  4. Salaam,
    May Allah reward you for your strength and patience in this difficult time.

    My duas are with you and all who are grieving for Imette.