Monday, August 07, 2006

Still truckin'


Masha'Allah. I love my job. This is a first.

I came in right in time for my boss, he was swamped with work that I'm now doing. I love it, but I'm busy, so that's where I've been. Aside from the death of my aunt a couple weeks ago, both of my maternal grandparents have been in and out of the hospital, but subhan'Allah are now recuperating well, out of the hospital, and doing for themselves- my mother's returned home as well, so that means that her mother is doing well enough for her not to be there. Praise God.

I wanted to point everyone to Ummah Films' website. Their finale came out last week. If you've enjoyed the vlogs from Br. 'Ali I posted from YouTube, then PLEASE go support them.

Positive experience: I think that all non-dry, human dawah needs more halal funding (kna'w'msayin?) , so I bought a (long sleeved, of course) t-shirt from the website. I thought the shipping was exorbitant, but then, MASHA'ALLAH, I got that shirt a mere 2 days after ordering. AND it fits, which those of you who actually read my blog from the beginning know is a rare, rare thing.

AND, plus, you know those rubber colored gummy bracelets that folk be wearing nowadays? (The popular yellow LiveSTRONG ones by Lance Armstrong are a good example.) Well, I up-ended my envelope and 3 of them fell out! A pink, a purple, and a white/black camouflage. They all say, in block letters, MUSLIM, and they GLOW IN THE DARK. SWEEEEET!

So this is by way of being my jazakhAllah Khair to the Ummah Films peeps, and my saying get over there and support them cuz they're cool!

And now off to do more of the work I absolutely love.


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