Tuesday, July 18, 2006



Make duas, pray, meditate, however it is that you get in touch with the One, on behalf of:

*The people of Lebanon, Gaza, and Israel,

*The people of Java (yes, another Tsunami, subhanAllah)

*The people of the Congo

*All those displaced, wounded, ill, or hungry due to war, weather, and other horrible events out of their control.

Reading the news this week has been sickening yet enlightening, driving me straight to my Lord to ask for his mercy. I'm so sad at international events right now.

Well, I'm back. Insha'Allah I'll be around for a much longer period of time. Thanks to everyone for your duas for my family. My grandmother is now out of danger, in recovery, and my mother is with her. She's walking around and eating, much better masha'Allah. Unfortunately, as she began her recovery my grandfather was told that he should undergo radiation for cancer that's recurred. SubhanAllah. My great-grandmother, his mother, is now there with my mother to take care of them both. But this is not an easy time, with both of my mother's parents fighting cancer. So please, more duas!

Yes, that's shocking. I told my mother, "Stop drinking the water! You hear?" She thought I was playing, but I?m dead serious. Anyway. Duas duas duas.

I've been saying SubhanAllah a lot lately, not just dhikr but whenever I think of what's been going on. In my absence from the blog, I turned twenny-five. The day was suck-a-liciously blah, but at the same time I said AlhamdulIllah, because I know too many who didn't make it to 25.

Also, after the infamous firing way I was let go from my last professional position, I'm happy to report that I've found what may very well turn out to be my dream job. It doesn't pay well, but it has to do with public health, interpreting, education, and administration. I can't ask for more. So, that decision was made for me,when my now-manager hired me. This job is the one I was looking for, in order to be able to turn down Columbia. So I'm not going to go to Columbia; Ima stay right here and work for a couple years before I re-apply. And when I made that decision, the peace that followed let me know that it was the right one.

I have to go, I was late this morning and am already playing catch-up. Insha'Allah I'll be talking to you all very soon.




  1. Salaam,
    Glad your family are on the mend, insha Allah and that you have found a satisfying job.

    I hope your 25th year brings you some peace after all the trauma of the past year.

    May Allah protect you and those you care about always.

  2. Congrats on your job and I am glad to hear your family is doing better, alhamdulillah! :)

  3. So glad to hear better news.

    And happy birthday!