Friday, July 21, 2006

...3 Steps Back: desde Guernica hasta Líbano


Líbano, in case anyone is wondering, is the word for Lebanon in Spanish.

Read this article by R. Kysia. . I got it from Voices for Creative Nonviolence. It talks about the difference between Guernica and Lebanon, and let me tell you, the USA and Israel are suffering in the comparison.

I myself am disgusted to be represented by people who think that violence is at all justified and that their personal pleas for self-restraint and mercy wouldn't be conducive to peace (or, more likely, their own agendas). It literally is making me sick.

Why can't people have some compassion? Why can't we learn? Astaghfirullah, bush and olmert and nasrullah. Have some shame. Have some compassion for those who are crushed in your pursuit of unworthy goals. Step outside your own personal security and walk the footsteps of Joseph, Jesus, and Muhammad, peace be upon them all.

Is anything worth the death of an innocent? Un ajeno, as we say in Spanish?


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