Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ah Got me a Meme!


from Farrago.

I am? a Tall Black Muslim Woman.
I want? to help raise my community to new heights
I wish? I didn't have to worry about everyday work.
I hate? depression and other intangible mental disorders.
I miss? Culebra and the rest of la isla
I fear? that I won?t find a life partner or be able to take care of myself.
I hear I am not? the most conventional or obedient person.
I hear I am? an inspiring writer and speaker.
I dance? whenever I can.
I sing? Gospel and other praises, mixed with the blues.
I cry? at the thought of pain, physical or psychic, others' or mine.

I am not always? sad. Or happy.
I make with my hands? food, blankets, scarves, music.
I write? better than I think I do.
I confuse? dates- for two weeks in a row, I thought Monday was Tuesday.
I need? security, love, confidence, to be needed.
I should? accept reality without so much wrangling.
I start? enthusiastically
I finish? with determination and pure cussedness.
I tag: Fatima, Dictator Princess, Um Mahtab (Where you at??!), UmmZ (of course), Sherry, Shabana, IzzyMo, Baraka, and anyone who wants it.

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  1. Salam amiga,

    It's me, um Mahtab, i'm so sorry i haven't read you in a while. I screwed up my bloglines and lost your link unintentionally. I'm so sorry. I hope you are well these days. I will sincerely try to comment more often. I noticed you tagged me- i already did that meme, but i was tagged twice for it again, so i will do it again. :))) Click on my profile and Blog 1 (or 2), that's where im at. I feel so touched that you remember me.

    Love and duas :*