Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'm here, I'm here

peace, y'all

I'm still here, I'm still kicking. Alhamdul Illah.

I'm just one busy somebody.

I've started with the job search again, since it looks like EN is cutting my hours for December. Flip that. I need to have a full time position again. We shall see.

Also, I've started in with my planner again. Been a year since I had one. I started thinking about it... and yes, the last time I felt well and truly productive was back a year ago, when I was whippin out grad-school applications and such. And back then, I had my planner together. Since I never did find the Franclin (misspelled on purple, thanks) Covy store in PR altho I assume it's there, I went for almost one whole entire year without one. That stuff is crucial. I'm already feeling more balanced and in control.

Yes, I know tis all an illusion but this particular illusion is helpful, so I'm keepin it.

I hope everyone had a wonderfulishious Turkey Day. Mine was peaceful and blah. I felt slightly uncomfy, due to things I shall discuss later, but it was about what I'd hoped for. BACK TO THE DIET! Tell me why I made two sweet potato pies and why they were SLAMMIN? Tell me why I almost ate one whole one myself? Ohhhh the joy and the misery.

Plans for the End Of December (I'm still coming up with something I can call that, so right now EOD suffices) are still in the air.
Nishat is graduating, insha'Allah, on Dec. 26th. I'd like to be there, but that would involve some actual communication between the two of us so that I can make necessary arrangements. Money gets funny really quick when you're trying to arrange ANY transportation to or through the Big Apple during the EOD. Meanwhile the poor guy is just working to get OUT of school. We shall see.

My mother is having that surgery that had to be postponed earlier in the next couple of weeks, so pray, please pray. I realize that I'm at the age where people start to lose their parents; two of my girlfriends' parents- one's mother, another's father- died within days of each other at the end of October, though I didn't realize it at the time. Scary stuff. So I'm praying accordingly (Mama's phrase).

I keep saying this, because every little connection counts: if you hear of an administrative or Bilingual (spanish-english) or International Whatever position coming open for the new year, PLEASE let me know. Insha'Allah my full time position is coming soon, because the whole 3 jobs scenario ain't kickin' it. I'm mad tired and have little time for things like writing on my blog, etc.

Reach out and hug someone you love.



  1. Assalamu Alaikum, may Allah help you in your search and make your mother's operation a success and give her a quick recovery inshaAllah.

  2. Hey, I thought you'd be interested:

    Its about the attempts at combining fashion and the hijab.


  3. Hey M!
    Just wanted to say hi and all the best to your mom and her upcoming surgery.

    espero que todo andan bien contigo y estas bien. cuidate mucho!