Monday, August 08, 2005

I got the Alumna-Back-On-Campus-Broke-Wit-No-Peeps-In-DC-Bluuuueeees.

*Title to be sung to a honky-tonk blues tune similar to the one they used for Kraft Mac Blue Box Blues.**

Actually the title pretty much says it all. I'm in DC, and while I love this city, too much of it is tied to college for me- as a matter of fact, I'm using the MSSC's "free" computers to write this.

I'e decided to make my pit stop here a bit longer, extended it for a week while I got reacquainted wit m'girls and did some seriously intense job hunting- so intense that my back parts are numb from sitting and my eyes wobbly from looking at a computer screen for s'dang long. Still, I've got a couple of calls back for interviews already, and there're two job fairs tomorrow. And Mr. Cannaday is getting me an interview tomorrow so I can work at GW (insha'Allah) and keep getting all the nice perks that kept me afloat my last two years at G-Dub. Sherry, you know how he is, so you know what I'm talking about. Oh, wait. You had issues with him, right? Well, we'll see if I end up with a job based on the hook-up or based on my fantabulous interaction, communication, or child-care skillz.
(I've also applied at whitehouse nannies, as well as a ton of other nanny/au-pair places.)

I'm staying with my aunt; this is great b/c it's free and I get to see and play with my cousins a lot. Bad b/c Ernie is currently in love with me, which in his autistic self means that he tries to put his buttocks on me, and coughs and or burps in my face. Constantly. My aunt is in for a ride with him... he may never be able to live on his own. I heard Claudia, the housekeeper, say to him before we walked out the door this morning: "Say hello, Ernie... say hello... you'll be 10 on Saturday. You will be talking when you are 10." Such optimism- Ernie hasn't made clear comprehensible speech in all of his 10 years though he is vocal for all of that.

For all those interested, Nishat and I are still talking. I still like him, get that. I wish I could see him though, it's easier to bring up stuff that way. I hate that he's called me a lot recently and everytime he does I'm involved with something. If I'm going to marry him but not date, how on earth are we supposed to get acquainted? Muslima input on this one, please.

Ok, I've punished myself enough with the AC 'round here, and I've posted for the few of you who read this... call me!



  1. I think mr. cannaday is wonderful and was nothing but helpful to me. I had no issues with him- what I did have issues with was the mssc as an organization because of their attitude about native american issues and the half-assed attempts and then saying oh yes we would love for you to help us and be a part of mssc but when it came down to it- interview time, i didn't get hired and they never asked for my input just threw up some cheesy dreamcatchers- i think you said it was something to do with the republican in power because that's who I interviewed with.

    Anyway I will call you and we will talk about things- I have a friend in DC, while young, I think you would like her. Don't tell her I said that.

  2. Heh, you should see the MSSC now! They've got a display of like, Native American traditional figures and explaining what each of them represent... Mike Tapscott is over there now, he's mad mad cool. You should see the place, even the atmosphere is less tense.

    Wait,did you interview with Marisela? Cuz that would explain a ton of issues. I digress. I guess I'll have to post today.