Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Blood singing through my head

There have been times in the past couple weeks when I think about certain things and my blood pressure gets sooo high that I can hear it. Singing through my head. I tried to remember why I wanted to blog about that, but I've forgotten. Suffice it to say that I'm only 24 and my life has been such that I can sometimes hear the anger in my blood as it rushes to and away from my heart. And even if the sound is comforting, the fact of it is scaaaareeeee.


I interviewed at the Washington area Ritz-Carlton job fair today, and I think I may have gotten the job, insha'Allah. I'm being all uncertain b/c it ain't certain til I get the job (and plus I don't wanna jinx it).

The best thing about this week has been the MUSALLAH at GW. That place is tiny but so much better than what I had in PR there's no comparison. It helped me get back on track with my prayers. And they had these chador-likethingies that actually FIT me- with elasticized sleeves and a hem that fell to the floor. Makes praying *ahem* even more fun and fulfilling than normal.

I think, too, I just missed feeling like a part of an UMMA. That is very nice too.

I'm sick of the MSSC. I think I'll go catch the sale at Au Bon Pain (ah, yes, so THAT's why I left weight when I left DC...) and then actually get to my aunt's house before dark today, won't that be something.

If anyone hears of a (muslim-oriented, cincinnati or dc or puerto-rico area) job, you know where to get at me...


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  1. I miss you tons! Don't forget me, not! take care, lass.