Friday, February 06, 2004

Okay yall, here we go. bismillah al rahman al rahim.

So. In light of the events of the past twenny-two years, but especially the last one, I decided while sitting in my house in portareeco that I have to write a book. Because everytime I make an observation on the state of life, or politics, or food, or sex, or just about anything, the people around me either:
a) burst out laughing like they're watching Chris Rock
b) proceed to argue with me like I'm an established authority or
c) shake their heads and tell me I should really write all that down.

I don't know if that makes it valid, but my guts are telling me to give it a try.

I used to be an okay writer, but I haven't done just opinion pieces and poetry for so long that I'm at a loss as to how to get my chops back. I'd take a class at the local university, but here in Portareeco people tend to speak better Spanish than English and I have a laundry list of other classes to take first.

My friend Sherry, the one I left with all the others back in WASHINGTON, DC (a capital city), told me that a blog is a great way to write daily. I hemmed and hawed, cuz do I really want the world to have access to all my thoughts? But I'll try it. I've always been a sucker to try things at least once. Somebody needs to put me on reality teevee. But I digress.

So here the road to the book ( lord willing) begins.
Welcome to my humble spot! These are some of my thoughts on being in my twenty-second year.

I'll be back!

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