Wednesday, July 09, 2008


assalamu alaikum,

My version of sabr has somehow become BK french fries. They crunch so tastily even though the inside is soft and gooey, just like I like it.

Today is the first anniversary of my grandmother's death. I made dua'a, but.

JW has officially lost his mind. I don't want to talk about it.

Fawakih did not come at a great time for me. I have less patience- or access to 'sabr'- than I like.

I'm not married. I'll be twenty seven on Sunday. One prospect 'ahem' let me know he was engaged today.

Somebody pass the ketchup.


  1. happy birthday dear :) inshallah u'll get married this year, dont worry sabr will come i know excatly what ur going through & at times it feels like it wont end but i assure you it will :) .
    p.s: its his loss

  2. Happy birthday jaan!

    Lots of love & duas for your happiness & health,

  3. It seems those sabr testing events tend to come one after another, don't they. Insh'Allah, I pray that you come out of this low point a stronger and wiser person who is even stronger in her faith. BTW, happy birthday! I hope that you find the right person soon, iA.

  4. you're not old, so don't lament just yet:) i pray that you be united with someone you love soon insha allah.