Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I've been around. Really.


I've been kinda awol over here lately, and so I apologize to those of you who rely on my entries to make sure I'm alive, or, alternately, follow my random ramblings with relish.

I've been a busy busy little bee.

I told you all that I had a new job.  What I didn't say is that it's time consuming.  Instead of working mornings on weekends and nights during the week, I now work  10A-7P during the week, and I'm free weekends.

I'd almost prefer the way I had it, or night work.  Though being a  Muslim woman, and now covering as I do, I find it really strange when I get random looks while I'm out at night... and then I think, Oh, yeah, they prolly haven't seen a Muslim woman out after dark w/no man, huh?

Maybe I'm imagining that one.   Maybe.

Noche de Cultura was this past Saturday, and as always I had a blast.  I gave 2 poems, which I plan to share here at a later time (I keep forgetting to bring them to work.  I've promised to send them to Cat, Bilal's... um, girlfriend.  Gotta get on the ball.)  I wore the red silk suit I had made 'specially for Isabel's wedding.  Speaking of Isabel, one of the poems I gave was the one I wrote in memorial to her son and my friend Imette.  *sigh*  Once I got 'round to it, writing them was quite cathartic.

Actually, Noche really was a blast from the past.   I haven't really been to a social event like that, with all my peeps and sororities and fraternities and Alma Mater administration in one room, since the last time I was at Noche, in 2003.  I saw one of the most inspirational administrators,  and gave her a biiiigole hug.  She's a Black Woman who has made it to be Vice President, and at that school, that is a serious accomplishment.   It was a wonderful feeling to have her say that she's proud of me.  

I also saw some members of the two sororities I was associated with in undergrad.  Hmm.  SO much to say to get into that right now.

Which reminds me: CONGRATS to ISIS, #3 of 4 new sisters of Sigma Lambda Gamma at Florida A&M University!  You persevered and you won what you wanted.  After all the midnight talks comes dawn.  I'm proud of you!


Gotta go, break is over.  Love y'all to bits.



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  1. Good luck, ensha Allah, with your new job and all.