Saturday, June 18, 2005

So, what happened?

Hey, y'all.

First, thanks to David and Aleksa for some great comments! I like having feedback to my blog. It makes it into a kinda journal that can talk back. And I can erase comments if I want to ;). I promise to comment back in yours... ALEKSA. GET. A. Blog. Tis really easy. Click on the 'get your own blog' above.

OK, so... what'd I end up doing ant'ayer and yesterday... I never did get to Guayama. Which makes me license-less still. I don't want to talk about it. It'll just have to wait until one of my free days next week. And then, I'll have to go even if it kills me.

I ended up going to the convocatoria day before yesterday (I HATE having to say this. I like the spanish. Much more compact. I digress.). When I was there, of course, I had arrived without one of the necessary documents, and of course, my school, the one I worked at for the 2004-2005 year, wasn't being 'presented', or up-for-grabs, at the meeting. My directora happened to walk in while I was writing the required essay, and she mentioned that they'd tell her Friday or Monday exactly when ELA is supposed to go up. Which means that I could've saved myself some serious stress on the issue, but also that I didn't have to go, because now the principal of one of the schools that was presented is in love with me and wants me at her school.
I'd actually be quite excited about it, since it's one of the escuelas especializadas, the one for science and technology, and it'd be a 10th and 11th grade position, with about the same class size as last year, and the schedule would be from 12:30 to 5:30 pm. I heard that and I thought, "Are you KIDDING ME?! HECKY YEAH I want that spot! Oh, to not have to rise from my cushy bed so early! To teach students who aren't groggy and sleep-deprived! To be able to run errands and still arrive at school on time! To not worry about rush hour bus scheduling! Ohhhh the joy!"
Of course, the down side would be that I'd be at my third school in 3 years. Boo.

One other good thing came out of my going to convocatoria; I saw Melly again! I literally ran into her as she was coming out to show off her twin boys to some other compas. Melitza, (because I met her when I wasn't blogging and so y'all don't know her from jack) is one of the 11 people who took class with me in the RED-UPR program for teacher certification. She, Norma (who no longer speaks to me for reasons unknown), and I were thick as thieves while we were in the program, especially b/c Melly was in her 6-8th months of pregnancy with twin boys. She's petite, and the chirens were kicking her ass, quite literally. She was having contractions, and when one of the boys would kick her, she'd grunt. She was HUGE. I know everyone has said this about a pregnant woman before, but no. Melly was the BIGGEST pregnant woman I've ever seen who only had two kids. She was a stick woman with a 40 pound belly at 5'1''. I missed her dreadfully after she gave birth, and when my cell phone was stolen I lost her number. We were sooooo glad to see each other! And her kids are dolls. I named them before they were born, Taiwo and Kehinde, after some other special twins I know :) but finally meeting them outside the womb was awesome.

Wow. I was more enthused about that than I thought.

'Crash'. AHHHH yes. I'm going to see that movie again, but anteayer (for NSS, this means 'day 'fo yesterday') I was on my way to the theatre on the bus, and so of course arrived late for the 4:30 show. Instead of going to the show at 7, for some reason I just decided to go see another movie instead. Oh , yeah, I remember. It was because I was on the last of my cash and wanted to use it to see something new. Anyway, I saw Mad Hot Ballroom, and I liked it as well... but I'm stilll stuck on Crash. As I told David, it's like 'Traffic'... it's like Traffic's big brother.
One thing that does puzzle me, though, is why this movie hasn't got the press of other movies here. I mean, it's showing at Fine Arts, not at Plaza Las Americas or another theatre that gets mad play, and I along with everyone else I know who has seen it think that it it's a major Oscar contender. But then I was discussing it with my mama, and she asked me what it was about, and I said... "Race... and violence. Really, about how people interact." And she replied, "There you go. That's the big secret in this country. No one wants to talk about race."

This is a shame. Everybody get off your tushies and go see Crash because it's an excellent movie with an ensemble cast and truly great acting. Make the effort to get OVER the culturalization that race is not to be discussed. Please.

Anyway. 'Crash' made me examine my own perceptions about race... as a Black woman but also how I think other people should act. I know I cringed SEVERAL times at the realism of the things one wife said to her husband after an act of impropriety by a policeman...I cried like 3 times, not from just sadness but by overwhelming recognition of a situation the characters faces. The screenplay is AWESOME here, but I have to give it to the actors. They are like people from my own life. Especially Ludacris, Lorenz Tate, Sandra Bullock, Thandie Newton (SISTAH ACTED HER ASS OFF!),Ryan Phillipe, and Matt Dillon as an absolutely scary but human man. Whoa. Go see it go see it go see!

'Nada, Ima bounce. Love you people.


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