Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mah Money is Funny...

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Wow, it has been a while.

And I'm almost out of internet minutes. Joy.
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Which made me think of something 'we' like to say (I'm not getting into who exactly 'we' is just now. If the shoe fits, wear it.)

You know, there has come many a time a point when Mama or Papa or Auntie or Granny or even you yourself has been out of money. But when a situation is just that dire, no one seems to want to say, "Honey, I have no money."

We have to put the spin on it; folk say, "I'm broke."

Those of us who don't like the connotation of being broken over not having a few pieces of paper in our wallets or electrons in our accounts, say: "Chile, I'm broke 'den a joke!"

Even when we have no funds, we have our humor. And that, people, is everything. Way more than the means to eat and pay the bills. That, we've found, will come.

You can see this attitude just about everywhere, even in our music. How about Kanye West's 'We Don't Care', the first song on his 'College Dropout' CD (said CD makes fun of not having a college degree at every turn. I love it. See item on humor above.): "Sittin in the hood like community colleges/ This dope money here is Lil Trays scholarship/ 'Cause aint no to tuition for havin no ambition/And aint no loans for sittin your ass at home/ So we forced to sell crack, rap, and get a job/ You gotta do something, man, your ass is grown..." Or try this, " Drug game is bulemic/ It's hard to get weight/ Nucca's money is homo/It's hard to get straight/ So we gon' keep baking 'til the day we get cake/ And we don't care what people say..."

I'ma wear that CD out. But anyway, Kanye makes my point. We dance all around our money: call it food names (ahem, those who deny this: cheddar, cheese, cake...), but even when it's serious it has got to be funny.

Which gets me to my point: my money is funny! Even when it's weird though, I make it into being funny, ha ha. And that's just what gets me and the rest of us by.

Yesterday I spent SEVEN ENTIRE HOURS just in getting out to Carolina and back to replace my license... and I haven't replaced it yet. That was just so they could give me an appt. to do the whole journey over on Monday. Not having a car in this country should legally qualify as torture. Especially since there are THREE cars per person on this lil ol' beautiful rock. WTH?

Gotta run. Check this out: I was reading it today and was fascinated.


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