Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things you don't say aloud

assalamu alaikum,

Sometimes I'm really constrained by the fact that people I know read this. Sometimes I don't care.

But a lot of times what I say here is what I wouldn't say aloud.

I knew Sunny was getting married. Turns out he's marrying the head of the Catty Crew.

BOOYAH, ya NAFS!!! Just when you thought you were SOMETHING SPECIAL!!

No, those feelings don't get any easier to handle as I get older, but my game face does.

Dag, the worst part is that since Catty1 will be May's SIL I can't even confide how much Catty1 gets on my nerves. Well, I guess this IS going to drive me toward better habits. Back to Allah. Silver linings everywhere.

I had 3 different sets of friends either get married or get engaged this week. I wish them all the best of blessings and happiness, in all sincerity. I just as sincerely wish I didn't know anything about all this wedded bliss. My game face is getting a heckuva workout.

And now I'm off to soak my jainamaz pray.



  1. Awww, honey, insha Allah your prince will come too. Mine did, when I was 33.
    Being wedded is so filled with blessings that I will always be grateful for, but it is not always "bliss." If it is always bliss, you are either not human, or someone is not being honest. That being said, I pray that Allah will guide your prince to you with all deliberate speed!

  2. *e-hug*

    C'mon over. C'mon over baby. C'mon over. C'mon over baby. : D

    (hope you get that cuz ill feel stupid if u dont haha)

  3. I got it...


    (inshaAllah be over in the next 2 weeks!)

  4. Catty Crew! You are hilarious.
    Okay, now I want to know who ...

  5. salaamz, wow I am really late. I gotta admit I don't check that often cuz you take blogging breaks a lot. But whenever I do come around I am always touched by what's going are things now in this regard. Oh and I do know how it is to see a good brother go to someone you know personally is meee-aaooowww. Sigh. Some guys like 'em that way. Anywayz...hope you are well and do update soon, iA.