Thursday, December 25, 2008

FaSulli li Rabbika w AnHar

assalamu alaikum,

I made it! We are two days into winter break already. And alhamdulillah, everyone is still alive.

I made a few simple goals for this break; since I knew I wasn't going to camp I'd have the time... the only thing I had set in stone was dinner today with my great-aunt.

Which we might end up late for.

Because I'm dragging my feet.

And not because I dislike my relatives, either. It's actually a conflict of fiqh on my part. You know, celebrating Christmas versus honoring ties with relatives, even if they are of different faith. But anyway.

So, the things on the list?:

-Go to the gym for 2.5 hours (or 650 calories) daily (every day it's open). This is in prep for the Flying Pig Half Marathon. And if it's called the Flying Pig, InshaAllah I'll actually be running it!

-Toss my very broken bed and move in a new frame.

-Sew the pants pattern and cloth I've had sitting for 2 years; if it isn't begun by 4 January the whole thing goes to charity inshaAllah.

-Tidy up my room.

See? Fairly simple things to do. InshaAllah I'll have time to do some (paper) journaling, cook some lunches and suppers ahead, and study microbio (so far I'm doing okay, but catchup is in order!)


  1. Hi, I just stumble upon your blog and I really like it. Keep it up.

  2. Assalama alaikum twenny,

    I accidently came across your blog and instantly recognized you from the practimate forums! That's before I even read the practimate part on your blog :) You're blog is neat and it was really nice getting to know you better. I'll see you on the forums INsha'Allah.

    BTW...I was also at ISNA this past year. Loved how low key it was compared to previous years. Insha'Allah maybe I'll see you at this coming year's ISNA Insha' would be nice to meet you face to face :)

    Yalla take care :)